7 Ways to Increase Fortnite FPS on PC

Gamers adore Fortnite because of the other fresh additions and unique challenges that each season brings. To have a lag-free gaming experience when playing Fortnite, you’ll need a higher framerate or FPS. This tutorial is for you if you’re seeking strategies to boost your Fortnite FPS.

We’ll go over every way for increasing FPS in Fortnite and, as a result, a better gameplay experience.

In gaming, what is a first-person shooter (FPS)?

The frames per second, or FPS, indicate how smoothly a game will run on our gaming system. The higher the number of frames per second, the better the game experience. A lower frame rate, or more precisely, a frame rate of fewer than 30 frames per second, will result in a choppy and laggy gaming experience.

Even high-end devices struggle to provide a consistent FPS with most recent games’ excellent visuals and spectacular set-pieces. That’s why, if you’re a Fortnite player, we’ve compiled a list of all the effective ways to boost your FPS.

Boost your Fortnite FPS

Let’s delve into all the operational strategies that will assist you in acquiring an increased FPS now that you have a basic understanding of FPS and how it might affect your overall Fortnite experience. All of the procedures listed here have been thoroughly tested by experts so that you can put your trust in them without hesitation.

You may be experiencing low FPS in Fortnite due to a variety of factors. It can range from anything as simple as in-game settings to more complicated difficulties such as OS issues. But, before we dive into technical remedies, let’s explore what we can do with some in-game settings to see if it affects the FPS count.

Modify the Display Options

If you’re receiving low FPS in the game, here’s what you should do due to incorrectly assigned values in the display settings.

Set the Window Mode to Full Screen with the same resolution as your display. Choose 1920 x 1080 16:9 if you have a standard 1080P FullHD monitor.

Set the framerate to match the resolution of your monitor.

Make sure the frame rate you choose in Fortnite matches the resolution of your monitor. If your monitor has a refresh rate of 240 Hz, the allocated frame rate limit should be 240 FPS, not less or greater.

Reduce the number of graphics settings

The number of frames per second isn’t directly proportional to the graphics settings. Still, giving your PC too much to process in terms of graphics can impact your FPS. Lowering the Fortnite graphics settings can help you achieve more frames per second, especially if your PC isn’t very powerful. For a better Fortnite experience, here are some simple graphic options to change.

100 percent brightness
Epic Viewing Distance
Shadows are turned off.
Motion Blur is turned off.
OFF Use GPU Crash Debugging
VSync in DirectX 11 is turned off.
Textures: SMALL

Disable Replay Recording

Fortnite allows you to record and replay your gameplay. Fortnite’s replay recording requires a large amount of memory, resulting in reduced FPS. If you don’t want your games to be recorded in the future, turn off the replay recording option. Here’s how to accomplish it.

Click the Gear icon at the top of the Fortnite Settings screen. Disable everything under the Replays menu, including Record replays, Record large team replays, and Record creative mode replays by scrolling down.

Fortnite Resolution Is Lower

Another way to obtain more FPS in Fortnite is to lower the resolution. This change will boost the number of frames per second and ensure a smoother gaming experience. Depending on how powerful your PC is, there are different resolutions to try.


By using the following resolutions, you will undoubtedly have to compromise on graphics. Still, we guarantee that you will not experience the same lag and choppiness as previously in the game.

Unnecessary background applications should be disabled.

Unnecessarily running background applications eats a lot of system memory and directly impacts the gaming experience. They could potentially be the major cause of your Fortnite FPS being low. Before playing Fortnite or any other game, we always recommend deleting any unneeded programs. Here’s how to shut down your Windows PC’s background programs.

By hitting Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your Windows PC, you may access Task Manager.

Select the application that is consuming a lot of memory and running needlessly under Background Processes. End the task by right-clicking on that application.

That is all there is to it. You will notice a significant improvement in your game experience now.

In Fortnite, enable Performance Mode.
Fortnite now has a Performance Mode, which is designed for low-end PC gamers. On low scalability settings, this feature ensures that your device provides the optimal frame rate. So, here’s how to turn on Fortnite’s Performance Mode.

Select Advanced Graphics from the Fortnite Settings menu.

Set the Rendering Mode to Performance in this section (Alpha). It will be configured to DirectX 11 by default.

High-Resolution Textures should be turned off.

High-resolution textures, without a doubt, ensure that you get the greatest graphics in Fortnite. However, if you have a low-end PC, it can entirely damage your gaming experience.

If you have high-resolution textures enabled in Fortnite, it will consume many resources and system storage. As a result, you should disable this option if you want a high FPS and lag-free Fortnite experience. Here’s how to accomplish it.

Go to the Library in Epic Games Launcher.

After clicking on the three dots next to the Fortnite title, select Options.

Uncheck the box next to the feature to turn off High-Resolution Texture.
You’ll be astonished to learn that simply turning off this feature will free up more than 14 GB of space on your hard drive.

Because Fortnite is one of the most popular graphics-intensive Battle Royale games, you’ll want to be sure your device meets the minimum requirements for a seamless gaming experience. The most significant part of improving FPS in Fortnite is that each detail matters in online gaming. That concludes this guide; we will return with another on your favorite game shortly.


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