The 7 Best Online Video Game Stores for Purchasing PC Games

Purchasing or renting video games as CDs is a thing of the past. You may now easily buy games online and play them on your PC or gaming console right immediately. The buyer can access the game from anywhere at any time once it has been purchased digitally. It’s much more economical if you buy digital games. It also comes in handy when you need to update or patch the game via the internet.

Let’s have a look at some of the greatest online gaming stores for PC games.


Steam is an online video game store where you can purchase digital games. Valve Software is in charge of the website’s development. Steam was first published as a standalone application for distributing game updates. Third-party games were eventually added to Steam’s game catalog. The online video game store also offers a launcher that can be downloaded and installed on your computer to help you manage your games.

Steam offers one of the most extensive game libraries available from any online retailer. The user interface is fantastic, and it has a tonne of fascinating functions. For gamers, Steam is a tremendous social site. On this platform, users may share their game material, write reviews, and even add friends. Seasonal sales are held at the online video game store, with big discounts and deals. Steam is one of the most widely recommended online gaming platforms.

Origins of EA

EA Origin is primarily concerned with the distribution of Electronic Arts’ AAA titles. There are a lot of games in the Origin collection. It includes well-known headers like Star Wars, Needs for Speed, and others. Even though Electronic Arts owns most of the games in the original group, this online video game store also has many third-party titles.

EA Origin is a highly helpful and easy-to-use client. The online video game store allows users to play games before they are fully downloaded. In terms of download speed and other factors, the client is really fast and responsive.

The nicest aspect about Origin is that you can subscribe to all games for a monthly or yearly fee. As long as the subscription is active, the user will have access to a vast number of contests, as well as newer titles. This is a fantastic option if you want to try out a variety of games without having to pay for each one individually.

Humble Bundle is a subscription service that allows you to get a

Humble Bundle also operates a digital online game store where you can purchase video games. The main feature of the Humble Bundle website is that it allows buyers to buy a collection of fun for a low price. The website offers time-limited deals that include bundles that include a variety of games.

Games from the same series and new ones can be found in the Humble Bundle collection. The website contains book, game, and software collections. The buyer chooses to decide how much they want to pay at the online video game store. If you’re going to acquire a lot of games for a low price, this is an excellent option as an online gaming store.

Epic Games are a series of video games that are

Epic Games is now one of the greatest online game stores. It includes the majority of the AAA-titled games that have lately been released. Because the website’s pricing varies by country, the pricing will be standardized practically everywhere on the planet.

Epic Games has created a fantastic game launcher that is used to download and install games that have been purchased through their website. The launcher includes several useful features, such as cloud saves and an accomplishments area. Other launchers can also be used to install games purchased from Epic Games.

Every week, Epic Games also gives away two games for free. These games can be stored in the game library indefinitely. Epic Games’ refund policy is also quite good. Epic Games is one of the top digital platforms to buy games because of these factors.

The Best of the Old Games is a video game digital distribution portal. It includes both AAA-titled titles and one-of-a-kind old games that evoke nostalgia. The website has a structure in place that provides direct support to game makers. The game creator receives the majority of the revenue generated by the game.

Almost all games are available in entire editions from Good Old Games. The game’s website also has a lot of freebies and collectibles. Good Old Games has tested and patched the majority of previous-generation games for newer systems. GOG also has a client that you can download and install on your computer.

All of these elements encourage buyers to purchase online games through GOG.

Green Man Gaming is a company that specializes in video games.

Green Man Gaming is an online game retailer that sells games from the majority of the major game companies. They offer a digital marketplace for buying and selling games. They can even assist you as a digital partner if you are a publisher trying to sell games.

The Green Man Gaming offers the majority of the most recent games at a reasonable price. Green Man Gaming collaborates with the finest game publishers, like Rockstar Games, 2K Games, Activision, etc. They offer a significant discount on AAA quality games, which are generally quite expensive. They are one of the greatest digital venues for acquiring games because of these features.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer of all kinds of items. Almost anything that can be purchased in a store can be found on Amazon. Amazon offers delivery to practically every location on the planet. The internet website is extensive and easy to navigate. Anyone may easily purchase anything on Amazon.

Amazon also has a fantastic gaming selection. They sell both physical and digital versions of games. Amazon sells digital codes for a variety of games. These codes can be used to get the game back from their respective customers. As a result, Amazon is a fantastic place to acquire digital games.


There are many products relating to the gaming industry on the game-selling website. eBay is a web-based marketplace. It has practically every effect imaginable. They offer a wide range of computer hardware and gaming consoles. They also have a great library of video games. This also applies to digital codes.

Many games’ digital codes can be purchased and redeemed on eBay. eBay can add a large number of games to its website. Because most newer games are more readily available on eBay, it can also be regarded as one of the greatest online platforms for acquiring digital games.

These are some of the top online websites with tonnes of fun games. The majority of them have exclusive titles and discounts. Please make the most of all of them, as well as their seasonal sales, to save the most money. Keep an eye on these websites for new releases and special bargains. I hope you found this list useful.

Playstation 3 Top 7 game features

Playstation 3 Top 7 game features

Playstation 3 is very popular because of compatible features and game availability. This game console has a list of games, and the recommended Top 7 games will make your gaming experience more fun.

The best PS3 games of all time

1. Little Big Planet- This is a Puzzle video game and is very popular especially because it offers the ability to create an individual world by changing the player’s character and personal space. In the Little Big Planet game, up to four players control their character (Sackboy) to move on several levels, solve puzzles to reach the final destination and avoid traps and enemies. Easy controls, striking visuals, funny and fun characters are some of the features that young and old will enjoy playing.

2. Resistance 2 – this is an ideal gift for people who love action packed war games, because this is a first person video shooter game. The main character Nathan Hale goes to the US to fight the Chimera, which has been launched on the East and West Coast, a full scale invasion.

3. Call of Duty-World-for those who enjoy war games, this is a must have game because it involves strength and ammunition, but tactical abilities and intelligence also make a brilliant game. Spectacular visuals and effects in the game are the best on the market.

4. Fallout 3 – offers a thrilling game for a crazy world after a nuclear downfall and fighting against mutants and radioactive environments to survive. This game definitely keeps players on the edge of their seats and commands the fourth rank in the top 7 games for PlayStation 3.

5. Mirror’s Edge – This is a single-player first-person action video game adventure and is worth giving someone like that related to exciting and exhilarating adventures. Mirror’s Edge takes the role of faith avoiding the hands of the law, and this is done effectively by running, sliding under the barrier, shimmying on the ledge, wall-walking, jumping, fighting and having greater freedom of movement. This game is regulated in a society where communication is controlled and monitored by a centralized regime, and so a network of runners, including faith (the main character), is used to deliver messages while avoiding government supervision. Speed and motion are two factors that make this game a game that is loved by many people.

6. Valkyria Chronicles – this is good for people who really know to appreciate story games, graphics and gameplay. Valkyria Chronicles is pleasing to the eye and also exciting because it is a tactical role play. This game took place on Europa, in 1935, the European version of fiction. The Gallians were attacked from other enemy nations, due to the large supply of Ragnite ore, which could turn into strong fuel.

7. Dead Space-it is a horror Survival third-person shooter video game and is related to employing time-tested formulas to combat aliens in space. The player takes on the role of scientist Isaac Clarke, who fights polymorphic, an alien virus that turns humans into deformed alien monsters called ‘Necromorph’. This game excels among many other games mainly because the graphics and power are highlighted like telekinesis.


Choosing the top 7 games for PlayStation 3 is a tough task from the abundance of games available because all games exceed the expectations of most players. Compatibility proves that this game is a choice of many, but can vary from person to person.

Back up PSP Games: here’s how to back up PSP Games!

Back up PSP Games: here’s how to back up PSP Games!

To start burning your favorite game, you will need:

1. a computer
2. a DVD burner
3. compatible software copy programs
4. Blank DVD
5. PSP your game

I take you already have a PC at this stage. DVD burner, in case you don’t have a DVD burner, you can easily buy one online but most PCs and laptops that are already sold with a built in DVD burner software, just browse through your program and check before you go out and buy one. You can easily get blank DVDs at any electronics store.

PSP games

Next, you need a compatible program that will copy your PSP games. This software program is designed to address copyright issues that allow you to back up your games. You can find some of this software on the internet and it is available for immediate download. Once installed, the next and final step is to start burning your favorite PSP games, have one blank DVD on the DVD burner and your Xbox 360 game on another. When finished copying your DVD it comes out and so pop in the next game to restart the copying cycle again. It’s as simple as copying PSP games.