What do PC gamers anticipate for 2014?

There is no denying that many excellent video games are released yearly, with the majority being eagerly awaited even before they are launched. However, there is a possibility of being overly optimistic about a game and being very let down. Undoubtedly, Duke Nukem 4ever, the now infamous failure, served as an example. The protracted wait for the game’s release left players utterly unsatisfied with what they ultimately received. Game developers are more likely to deliver on their claims of high quality to avoid receiving the same negative feedback. With the money allotted to games, significantly underwhelming players with one game might make it very difficult to market the next.

Watch Dogs is the game about which gamers should be most concerned. The game, anticipated in May, has been discussed since 2012, and players’ hopes have risen steadily. According to the makers, the game will be a revolution. The hack-and-slash theme will dominate the gameplay, involving the protagonists’ surroundings and themselves. Although it was briefly employed in the Batman series and other video games, this is something that has never been seen before. All gameplay video teasers promise fantastic visuals for the new console generation and an exciting game with lots of action. A novel feature of the multiplayer idea is the potential for unintentional involvement in another player’s game.

One of the most eagerly awaited releases for PC gamers is GTA 5 for the platform. While PC players are eager for the release, many console enthusiasts are beginning to forget what GTA V was about. If the game does not provide something fresh, the franchise may suffer, making this release critical to the success or failure of developers Rockstar. If created and developed correctly, a new edition of the multiplayer version would be sufficient to satisfy fans.

Longer Dragon Age: Inquisition players and those who haven’t played any of the previous games in the series are eagerly anticipating it. Dragon Age was one of the few great examples of an RPG in recent years, and the second instalment was nothing short of a disaster. RPG enthusiasts are currently unsure as to whether this game will succeed in challenging Skyrim or crumble under the weight of their expectations.

Xbox or PC?

Ever since consoles reached parity in power with computers, there has been heated debate about whether gaming is superior on a PC or console. It is wrong to refer to console games as “computer games” since they are actually “video games” when played on a console. Games eventually spread to most major platforms, but the debate is far from done. However, PC gaming has several benefits, some of which are listed below.

The quality of the graphics is the primary justification PC gamers offer, some of whom even refer to themselves as the “Glorious PC Master Race.” Computers can constantly improve their visual performance as technology advances since they are upgradeable. Naturally, this is a luxury that not everyone can afford, but given the cost of the most recent consoles, upgrading an existing computer to match the hardware of the most recent console will almost definitely be far less expensive and can be done gradually. Additionally, settings can be changed, enabling the player to personalise his experience.

Modding is a powerful argument against consoles. Installing or making a mod for an Xbox or Playstation game is virtually impossible. When it comes to that, the user has very little flexibility, and the best he can expect is some downloaded content or upgrades made available by the developer. Which, in most cases, improves some aspects of the game and includes a few extra weapons and outfits, for example.

The essential point is that, with a few extra benefits, computers now have all the same gaming hardware capabilities as consoles. Consoles could be connected to and used on a TV, often more significant than a computer monitor, which was a selling point for them for a long time. With your PC, you can easily accomplish the same thing today. Along with many other features, it connects to the TV using the same HDMI connector and supports joysticks and keyboards with mice.

One of the most significant benefits of a PC is that particular shooters and RTS games cannot be played on consoles. A joystick cannot compete with a susceptible, high-resolution mouse when playing a shooter.

Consoles have been attempting to emulate parts of a computer’s capabilities for some time. However, they are still far from being able to match the same OS capabilities in terms of possibilities. Yes, you can now insert a DVD and use certain online services, but that’s it.


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